District Leadership

The Capital District’s leadership is composed of the District Board of Trustees, District Committee Chairs, and Kiwanis advisors, including the District Administrator. Click on their photos below to learn more about our student leaders, the campuses they represent, and their contact information!

Capital District Board of Trustees

The Capital District Board of Trustees is the governing body for the district, composed of elected student leaders from universities across the national capital area. District officers are generally elected by the House of Delegates each year during the District Convention, and vacancies are filled by Governor appointments.

Akilah Richards


Brittany Gates


Lily Myrick

Metro Division LTG

Emma King

South Division LTG


Northwest Division LTG


West Division LTG


Northeast Division LTG


Communications Coordinator

Committee Chairs

Per the District Bylaws, the Capital District has six committees which provide oversight and steering for various district initiatives. Click on the committee titles for more information.

Service Committee

Chair: Daniel Binder

Conventions and Conferences Committee

Chair: Vacant

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Chair: Vacant

Kiwanis-Family Relations Committee

Chair: Vacant

Laws, Regulations, and Awards Committee

Chair: Vacant

Membership Development and Education Committee

Chair: Vacant

Kiwanis Leadership

The Kiwanis District Support Committee is composed of Kiwanians from across Capital District Kiwanis who play unique roles in supporting Circle K clubs. The District Administrator leads the Kiwanis Committee, oversees the administration of the district organization, and serves as a liaison to the rest of the Kiwanis Family.

Catie Dugan Vargas

District Administrator

Serena Bell

Kiwanis Committee – Club Building

Stacy Whitehouse

Kiwanis Committee – Leadership

Jose Leoncio

Kiwanis Committee – Leadership

Jen Wolff

Kiwanis Committee

Josh Hiscock

Kiwanis Committee – Conferences

Nathaniel Kyle

Kiwanis Committee – West VA Support

Elana Gardner

Kiwanis Committee

Jerry Jones

Kiwanis Committee – Southwest Support

Tameka Glover

Kiwanis Committee – Southeast Support

Adrian Martin

Kiwanis Committee – Northeast Support