Spring Officer Training Materials

This is a Google Drive folder that contains any materials that were used or dispersed at SOTC! You can also scroll down further to find more resources.

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District Resources

2019-2020 Candidate Packet (District Officer Election)

Follow the link above to see the 2019-2020 Candidates Packet! This packet includes all the information you need in order to run for higher office at DCON 2019. If you have any questions, please contact District Governor Jose Leoncio ( and District Administrator Serena Bell (

2019 District Scholarship

CKI scholarships are designed to provide recognition and financial assistance to individual CKI members who have excelled in areas of their collegiate careers. The recipients will be CKI members who have achieved academic excellence, demonstrated leadership abilities, and provided service to others. The applicants should be of high moral character and should strive for excellence in their endeavors. The scholarships are merit‐based and financial need is not a factor in these awards.

This is a special program using the combined efforts of Capital District Kiwanis and the Capital District Kiwanis Foundation. Funds are allocated by Capital District Kiwanis and matched by the Capital Kiwanis District Foundation. This unique program allows for CKI members to continue their higher education with the support of its sponsoring organization.

The deadline to apply is February 1st, 2019

CKI District Officer Guide

Want to know more about CKI? How is our district organized? Thinking of running for district office? This guide will help you understand different aspects of the board officer position and how it applies to you!

Awards and Contests

Check out our awards page! Applying for a award is a great way for your club, a member, or an advisor to be recognized. There are plenty of fun contests too!

Kiwanis Family

K-Fam relations are super important to your club’s success. This resource provides you with contact to your Kiwanis Family and includes a description of each club!


Club Resources

T-Shirt and Merchandise Guide Resource

Having trouble making a t-shirt to advertise your club? This guide includes great vendors, examples, and guidelines on how to make it perfect. Check it out!

CDCKI Policy Code

CDCKI Bylaws


Recruitment Resources

Recruitment and Retention Calendar

Follow this calendar to plan out your club’s year! A great way to stay on top of the game.


A simple 5-step recruitment system, this guide outlines meet, record, invite, host, ask. All you need to know about recruitment.

Membership Recruitment and Retention Resource

This helpful guide includes ideas on how to build and maintain club membership. It includes everything from advertisements and events to tips on retaining members and building the membership from scratch.

Recruitment Ideas from New York CKI

This PDF provides plans and ideas on how to effectively recruit new members.

Recruitment Resource

An outline of a recruitment chair position.

Why Should We Join Circle K?

Need help pitching CKI to prospective members? Don’t worry, we got you. Here is resource that outlines possible questions and conversation you may want to have.

Talking Point Pointers

This guide helps the average CKI member spruce up their CKI elevator pitch. Click for a few pointers on how to advertise CKI via word of mouth.

Membership Tracking Tips

Keeping track of your members is a great way to improve retention. Check out this guide to organize a team to touch base with your members. See the template below as well!

Recruitment Tracker Template

Following up with new people can be hard. Using a template like this can help streamline that process which will lead to more members.

Tabling Tips

Tabling at club fair can be a great way to gain new members, read this resource for tips on having a good table.


Officer Resources

Managing Social Media

Maintaining a social media account for the club can be difficult, but this resource will help you conquer that. Helpful tips about Facebook Pages and Instagrams and the types of post that will attract attentions are in this guide!

CKI Club Officer Guide

Refer to this guide if you need guidance in your position, would like to learn more about your club’s structure, or are interesting in running for club office!

Making Smooth Transitions in Leadership

This guide will help you feel confident in taking on your new leadership role! It’s an excellent resources for anyone looking to be a leader.

SPICE Meetings

Looking to SPICE up your CKI life? Check out this guide that incorporates all of the best ingredients: service, provide, invite, community, engagement. You’ll be in for a spicy treat.

President's SOTC PowerPoint

This is an all encompassing guide to being a president. Whether your new or returning, helpful tips and ideas can be found here.

Board Meeting Minutes Template

A template that can guide any organized secretary in the right direction.

First Meeting Tips

Tips for running your first meeting of the semester. This outlines information to include in your first meeting and how to make sure it runs smoothly.

Large v. Small Scale Events

How to cater to different types of people. Creating a relationship with your members is just as important as having a large club. Check out this great resource.

Treasurer's SOTC PowerPoint

This straightforward PowerPoint will be helpful to anyone looking to learn more about the treasurer position.

Club Budget Template

A template that can guide any treasurer in the right direction.

Vice President SOTC Notes

Here are some notes that will guide any Vice President to success. Includes helpful tips and things to consider implementing in to your clubs!


Service Agreements

Club President Service Agreement

Club Vice President Service Agreement

Club Vice President of Kiwanis Family Service Agreement

Club Vice President of Membership Service Agreement

Club Vice President of Service Service Agreement

Club Editor Service Agreement

Club Secretary Service Agreement

Club Treasurer Service Agreement