Awards & Contests

All awards and contests are administered through a Google Form. You will need a gmail account to complete the form and upload any supplemental files required. Be sure to carefully read and follow all instructions that accompany each application in order to avoid disqualification. Click on the specific award or contest below to see instructions, guidelines, and criteria.   The 2019-2020 Awards Deadline is: Thursday, January 30th at 11:59 P.M. EST We encourage you and your club to start planning early. If you have any questions about any awards or contests, please contact our Awards, Laws, and Regulations Chair, Abigail Sepich, at

Club Awards

Jeffrey M. Wolff Club Achievement Award

Club Video Award

Club Website Award

Continuing Service Award

Bob Powers Most Improved Club Award

Kiwanis-Family Relations Award

Single Service Award

Individual Awards

A.G. Goodrich Distinguished President Award

Distinguished Committee Chair Award

Lindley H. ‘Dig’ DeGarmo Distinguished Vice President Award

Robert J. Weiss Distinguished Treasurer Award

Ellis H. Stroup Distinguished Secretary Award

Kevin Beatley Memorial Award for Outstanding Club Member

Society of Distinguished Collegians Award

Advisor & Sponsor Awards

Tom Larner Award for Outstanding Faculty Advisor

Frank Fulton Award for Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor

John Tyner Award for Outstanding Kiwanis Sponsor

DCON Contests

Traditional & Non-Traditional Scrapbooks

Kavanaugh “Spike” Thrift Club Newsletter Award

Appendix Please note the following: -Users must have a gmail account to upload documents into the Appendix  portion of the form -All uploaded documents must be in PDF -If uploading multiple documents, they should be merged into one PDF -PDF Merge: Use this site to merge your PDFs! Additionally, all appendices must be emailed to with the subject being the name of the submitter and the award