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Graduating high school and leaving Key Club and heard you should give Circle K a try? Heard of Circle K at your university but not sure why you should join? Let’s see what’s in it for you.

First of all, if you don’t already know, look up the Circle K at your school. Check out the Student Activities Center at your campus to look up officer contact information for the club, or look up to see if the club has a website that shows meetings time and place (if you find out your university doesn’t have a CKI, you can change that! Be sure to look at the resources on starting a CKI, found on the Capital District website).

So what benefits do you get from being a paid member of a Circle K club? Most basically, you have constant updates of community service opportunities for you to be involved with. CKI provides many fellowship opportunities as well, and can often give you some networking connections. With a depth of positions at the club, district, and international level, CKI also provides a ton of opportunities for leadership and growth.

Here are some other lesser known benefits of paid membership:

  • Insurance against injury at all CKI service projects
  • Networking with members of Kiwanis
  • Scholarship opportunities ($1000 district scholarship)
  • Eligibility to attend district and international conferences
  • Membership materials, district and international magazines
  • And many more!

Being a member of a CKI club is what you make of it, and being an involved member can take far in your own development as a leader and dedicated member of the community.


Start your own CKI Club!

So you want to start a Circle K? It might be easier than you think! It just takes a few simple steps and some support from others, and you can have a club representative of the world’s largest international collegiate service organization at your college.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Identify the college or university that you wish to establish the club
  2. Find a nearby Kiwanis club that can sponsor the new CKI club
  3. Order the New Club Building Kit #1 from the International Office at 1-800-KIWANIS ext. 411
  4. Find a Faculty Advisor and/or Kiwanis Advisor for the CKI club
  5. Meet with the Student Activities Director (or similarly titled person) to discuss the proposed club and gain permission for the club
  6. Order the New Club Building Kit #2 from the International Office
  7. Recruit members to help you charter and continue to build membership
  8. Hold the first CKI meeting to adopt bylaws and elect charter officers
  9. Officially charter the club by following the directions in the New Club Building Kit #2
  10. Launch the CKI club by scheduling regular meeting times


Download the Club Chartering Guide here

Remember that throughout this process, you will have all the assistance you could need from your Lieutenant Governor and the entire Capital District Board. Their contact information can be found on the district website, as can a more detailed presentation of this step-by-step process (Club Chartering Guide).